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We're proud to introduce MiiSU, the newly started brand of Homeliness.

Be yourself with a MiiSU jewellery at all time, wear what you are.

Enjoy browsing among the jewels, maybe one of them fits your temporary mood. Find out what sticks with you the most during discovering the highlights and the darkness of our collections - in the next minutes, weeks, even life.

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  • Playing with an unusual pairing of materials in a care with a balance on it, this little charm unites style and cut… https://t.co/fYhOKQdPqN - 19 days ago
  • RT @MiisuJewel: Let's get your pumpkin before October ends and will come with a surprise chocolate! https://t.co/yZvQFPBUtE https://t.co/gc… - 20 days ago
  • RT @Distinctboxes: Xylaria Polymorpha, Commonly Known As Dead Man's Fingers, Is A Saprobic Fungus. #Halloween https://t.co/qpGpbabpHC - 20 days ago