MiiSU, photos, learning

It's been a while since we started MiiSU and started taking photos. First product photos, then all kind of photos. Had a few free hours and took the chance to look back. Look how I started taking photos, first steps, mistakes after mistakes. Then how learned bits and pieces and then how all these came together.

I just revisited MiiSU's website from a different perspective: strictly looking at the quality of the photos. To be honest, I am not happy, at all. How much better those images can be done. On many many levels... I'm proud. I'm proud that I can tell those images can be done completely different and what mistakes I made taking those photos. Colours, the angle, crop. Basically everything. I look at my photos on Instagram and 500px and I can see those photos which I can be proud of. The more I learn about photography, the more I realise: I still don't know awful lot of things :)

Recently, I got a book from a friend. A book about photography:

Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs
by Henry Carroll

It's not a "This is how you should take a photo...", but rather a "Here's some food for thought. Chew it. Chew it again. Reinterpret 100 times. Choose whichever you like. Think. Then a take a shot the way YOU like the shot to be taken." I highly recommend this book, even for professionals. It's a completely different approach and it brings YOU out of your photos.

In the last couple of months, I tried quests, photo assignments, photo reviews. But those somehow brought the compulsion for conformity out of me. Each and every time I wanted THEM to be proud of me – what I produced. When I took a photo for an assignment, I took it through a filter: would this photo be good enough for XZY's eye? I know this works for many many people. I'm just not one of them. I am taking that photo and I am taking for myself. Through my filters. I want to show my filters, my perspective, my opinion, my story or how I see that story. Am I narcissistic? Maybe a little :) But being myself when taking a photo is crucial for me. To be able to be proud of my work. To be able to learn and evolve.

So the next quest for me in the new year: re-take those photos for MiiSU with the new perspective. The way I like, not the way it SHOULD be. Make them alive. Achieve what I always wanted with these photos: to stimulate the curiosity of the visitors – to make them want to touch, feel, fondle and wear that jewellery.


A more controlled way

After a long thinking and evaluation period, I came to a conclusion which part of photography interests me. So far, I tried...


Fear and photography

While I was wandering around Bricklane in London I ran into one of WRDSMTH's creations which made me think...


A small detour

In the past two months, I've been shooting all around London, trying out new styles, stretching boundaries.


Lights and shadows

A couple of days ago, we've set up our little studio for product photography, shooting MiiSU's jewels. It was time to start shooting many compositions, trying out what setup works best for our kind of jewellery.


Our new photo studio

When I started shooting product photos with DSLR, I quickly realised that I need light. A lot. Not just sunshine through a window - which is quite rare in the UK anyway - but a controlled light, which we can rely on, any day, any time.


Welcome, MiiSU's first model!

We love art and fashion, mixed with simplicity and elegance, showing the gist of each jewellery.


We're open!

At last! Our webshop at [MiiSU](http://miisu.co.uk) has finally opened! :)


Opening soon!

The last 7 months was really busy for us and for the brand as well. Lots of planning, preparing, executing and of course, learning :)


A new brand has born

On a sunny Saturday, we decided to step up and try something new. To have a brand which focuses on simplicity and elegance. Nothing less, nothing more. So we had the idea, we just had to make it happen.