Creamy Picasso Filigree Necklace

Creamy Picasso Filigree Necklace

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Picasso jasper beads paired with diamond knots on ultrathin and ultralight filigree adjustable leather cord necklace with lobster claw clasp.


Picasso jasper semi-precious gemstone beads and diamond knots on a black adjustable leather cord necklace with Lobster clasp and a ring.

This necklace unites style and fashion with cosiness. Your first impression possibly will be the calmness that shines through in this ultralight and soft, elegant jewel. Then the colours that conjured up by lights. Amazing and glamorous! The luxury in gemstone and alternately appearing leather-pearls' symbiosis is definitely eye-catching and opens the door to many other possible variations of a similar theme.
With clear lines in design, Picasso Jasper beads completed with Diamond Knots delicately weaves the necklace together - offering a way to customise your own jewellery box with a personal touch and in a contemporary style.

You will love this homely and unique design necklace. It can be worn to casual events as well with both fancy and classic wear.
Sliding knots make it quickly and easily adjustable, the silver lobster claw clasp with a tiny ring simplifies the fastening, also fit the style of the jewel.

Assembled and intertwined seductively, MiiSU plays on the contrasts, harmonies, and beauty of the ideal jewel. This unique piece is from the Innovative Collection, Designed by MiiSU's Chief Creative.

Note: It comes with wrap and ready for gift giving!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Color Cream
Knot Diamond, Slider
Material Jasper
Care instructions

Special care requirements

Your MiiSU will stay comfortable and flashy for a long time, although it needs a bit of care. When they are not being worn, it is the best for your jewel to leave it hanging somewhere or to keep it in a dry and soft environment without wrinkling or breaking.


General Information

Unfortunately, a leather jewellery is not timeless. But can last a long time if properly maintained. The leather is not water-resistant as many think and I cannot guarantee the long-lasting of your jewel if you wear it during bathing or swimming. Although getting it wet occasionally won't immediately damage it, keep in mind that repeated exposure to water or chemicals will dramatically contuse it, and contribute to its deterioration over time.

When it is known that gem materials have been dyed, care must be taken to not bring them in contact with chemicals such as acetone or alcohol, which could dissolve the dyes, or allow them to be exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight (such as leaving it on a sunny window ledge) which could cause the dyed colours to fade.